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The Phantom Sling Trainer is the perfect addition to your next full-body workout. The modular design allows for effective training Core, arms, back and shoulders, as well as legs. No matter whether in the gym, outdoors, at home or on the go in the hotel - with the quick and universally applicable sling trainer you can do your training anytime and anywhere. The compact design means the Phantom Sling Trainer can be taken anywhere. 

  • For a functional full-body workout
  • Trains large muscle groups and muscle chains instead of individual muscles
  • Hundreds of different exercises possible
  • For pro athletes, advanced and suitable for beginners
  • Complete set including door anchor and transport bag
  • Adjustable length to suit every body type
  • Optimized grip surfaces ensure a perfect grip
  • One size fits all
  • Easily adjustable length
  • Content and lengths:
    • Extension band: 1.0m
    • Top band: 1.0m
    • Door anchor
    • Connection carabiner: 20cm
    • 2x hand loops: 1.1m
    • 2x foot loops: 1.1m
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Maximum functionality in one set

Training with the Phantom Sling Trainer is a functional, full-body workout using only your body weight. With the set you can perform numerous workouts (over 100 different exercises) and train all muscle groups. Functional training is less aimed at individual, isolated muscles, but rather effectively trains entire muscle groups.
With the included hand straps you can focus your training specifically on your core, arms, back, shoulders and whole body training. With the foot straps you can specifically target your leg and butt muscles.

The sling trainer is so compact that you can take it with you anywhere and get started right away, whether in the gym, outdoors, at home or while traveling in a hotel. In the set you will find everything you need for your full-body workout.

Thought out down to the smallest detail

  • Extension band: Is your attachment higher up or do you need more band length for push-ups? Then also use the extension band. Attach this first and then connect the top band to it.
  • Top band: With the individually adjustable top band you can easily adjust the required length in 5cm increments. Use the top band carabiner to attach the band directly, or as a loop to vary the length at the same time.
  • Door anchor:Use the door anchor in combination with the top strap to attach the Phantom Sling Trainer directly to a door. Insert the anchor through the top band and secure it with Velcro. You can also attach the top band carabiner so that it doesn't rub on the door. The placement of the door anchor in the top hinge determines the length of the hinge.
  • Connection carabiner: To combine the top strap with your hand or foot straps, use the connecting carabiner. You attach each one to the top band - the two lower carabiners to the hand or foot loops, depending on how you want to train. For example, you can also just attach one foot strap. The improved construction ensures compensation with two loops, but using one loop is also no problem.
  • 2x hand straps: You need the hand straps especially for core, arms, back, shoulders and whole body training.
  • 2x foot straps:Do you want to specifically train your legs or butt? Then use the two foot straps. But you can also use just one loop and alternate the legs.
  • Transport bag:A practical transport bag is included for easy transport and storage of the compact sling trainer.

Training without limits

With the Phantom sling trainer you can not only train anywhere and at any time, but you also benefit from effective and universal body weight training. Numerous exercises can be performed using only body weight and the intensity can be changed quickly and easily by adjusting the training angle. From now on, you can no longer train individual muscles but effectively train entire muscle groups with the new Phantom Sling Trainer.


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  • Complete sling trainer set for every bodyweight workout, including two hand and two leg straps
  • Includes a practical bag for transport and storage
  • Includes door anchor so you can train anywhere
  • Innovative length adjustment using a top and extension band


  • Phantom rubber patch
  • Phantom labels
  • Ribbons with woven Phantom lettering


  • Box approx. 23x21x6cm


  • 0.75kg


  • Ribbons: Polyester
  • Handles: TPE
  • Carabiner: aluminum alloy

Cleaning and care

Wipe with a damp cloth

Scope of delivery

  • Extension band
  • Top band
  • Door anchor
  • Connection carabiner
  • 2x hand straps
  • 2x foot straps
  • Transport bag

Returns and refunds

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After this period has expired, a return is no longer possible. We will refund you the purchase amount within 14 days of receiving your return.
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Legal warranty: 2 years